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Beginner SNOW
Never put a board on my feet. Goals: - Master the correct basic position on the board. - Learn to slide by controlling the speed on both sides of the board. - Manage my body in motion on the board on small descents that lead uphill. - Execute the first curves. For the little ones from 3 to 6 years Burton Snowboard has studied the Riglet System to facilitate the approach to this sport while having fun in safety. Initial reference tracks: TSALY / BURTON RIGLET PARK (Baby runway)
Basic SNOW
Snowboarded at least a couple of times having gained control of speed whilst drifting. Goals: - Manage the speed of the board - Make full turns on blue slopes - Learn the first easy freestyle tricks Reference track: PRA NEYRON / ZEROTTA (Blue Slopes)
Intermediate SNOW
Advanced SNOW
For those who curve on all slopes and have faced the first structures in the Snowpark. Goals: - Tackle jumps and tricks in the increasingly complex Snowpark - Try to lead the board on all slopes Reference track: INTERNATIONAL / WHITE ROCKS (blue / red / black slopes)
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For true freeride enthusiasts looking for pure adrenaline.
Each additional person: € 60.00

FREERIDE Experience
Minimum 4 hours, every day on demand!
For true freeride enthusiasts looking for pure adrenaline.
Level Advanced SNOW
Age Every age
180.00 €
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